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Summer Newsletter 2009

A Letter from the Director

Dear friends,

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

We have completed filming our Discovering Christ series. This particular course was for young adults. Discovering Christ is intended, however, to be used by adults of any age and for anyone regardless of where they are in relation to the Lord and the Church. We had over 50 guests attend the course and saw many lives changed as a result of guests encountering the Father’s love in our Lord Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.  More on the course inside.

Now we enter the crucial time of editing the videos and preparing for our first Discovering Christ Conference.  We really need your continuing intercession for guidance on the editing, anointing on the teachings and guidance for the conference.  Please keep praying this work through to completion.

The videos will be released at our Discovering Christ conference this November. More inside.

It has been so encouraging to have your support in service for this local course and your interest expressed by phone, e-mail and Facebook from all over the U.S. and abroad!

Your generosity in giving financially for the completion of the project has been remarkable. Each month we have had enough for salaries and bills related to the video production.  Through your generous giving we have now raised $43000 with the goal of raising $100,000 by March 2010.  Thanks so much.  

Will you continue to support us in giving as you can and consider if you know individuals who would also want to support Discovering Christ? Additionally, if you know of foundations or persons on the boards of foundations that might be interested, please contact them or tell us about them. We are asking the Father to open up divine appointments and know from past experience that he frequently works through his saints to accomplish this.  So keep at it with us, please. We continue to look to the Lord for his power, provision and protection.

I am constantly moved by the openness there is among many people to understand the meaning of life, and, once having come to know the truth that it is found in relationship with Christ, hunger to grow in the Catholic Christian life by becoming disciples of our Lord. The Church’s essential mission is the same as it was when the Lord commanded his followers to, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” Let us commit our lives to following him and making him known right where we are!

With sincere gratitude for the privilege of together proclaiming the love of God to those who don’t know Him,

Your brother,

Young Adults ‘Discover Christ’

ChristLife brings Discovering Christ to over 50 young adults in Ellicott City

Young Adults at Discovering Christ

Click here or on the photo above for pictures from the course

For seven weeks 50-60 young adults packed the dining room of St. Anthony’s Shrine in Ellicott City to experience Discovering Christ.  Many shared at the conclusion of the course on how God impacted their lives:

“I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and it changed my life for the better and forever.”

“The emptiness inside me went away! I finally have a relationship with God and I love it!”

“This course has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve met great people and have become closer to God and the Catholic faith.”

“Discovering Christ changed my life! My relationship with Christ grew and I was able to make more mature decisions during the weeks.”

“The retreat day changed me…at first, I was overwhelmed with this new feeling, but it is just the beginning of my journey with this change inside me.”

“I found myself and had a real encounter with the Lord through the love here.”

“I felt the renewal of the Holy Spirit within me. I had been in a spiritual dry place and through helping others and praying over people God blessed me and refreshed me.”

 “I finally let go and let God. I realized that I do need people and that I can’t do it alone and that God truly loves ME!!!”

“I felt more alive and sensed the fire within that comes from the Holy Spirit. I felt a deeper connection to God and a desire to follow him closely.”

Service Team Makes Course Possible

 “It’s been awesome to see so many young kids come out and want to walk closer with the Lord.”
- Larry, kitchen coordinator

“The past few weeks of Discovering Christ has really given me a more solid foundation on exactly who Jesus is…. I am so impressed by the teachings of this program because it gives you the real stuff.”
- Stephen, takedown team

“I really enjoyed my time before the Lord in the chapel these past 6 weeks, His Spirit is definitely present in this program.”
-Pete, intercessor

 “I helped set up each week and the nicest part for me was the worship time before the set-up - the work itself was a joy to do with all the helpers.”
- Cedric, setup team

Save the Date! Discovering Christ Leaders Conference:
Nov 5-6, 2009

ChristLife Director Dave Nodar explains the need for the upcoming event

by Brittany Hughes, Intern

I recently sat down with Dave Nodar, director of ChristLife, to talk about the upcoming Discovering Christ leadership conference.

B: When and where will the conference be held?

D: November 5th and 6th at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Ellicott City.

B: About how many people do you expect to attend?

D: We’d be very happy to see 40 and up to 100. We’ve had a lot of interest in Discovering Christ over the last few years. A number of people would like to come. I anticipate that future conferences will grow. For now, though, we want to be thinking of being ‘faithful in the small things and faithful in much.’

B: What is the purpose of the conference?

D: The church needs to react to the new evangelization by practically, effectively evangelizing those in the church as well as outside. We need to get back to basics. It needs to start with the kerygma – the kerygma is the basic message of what God did in Jesus of Nazareth.

B: What will happen at the conference?

D: Over two days, there will be main sessions as well as workshops to cover issues like the dynamics of Discovering Christ. But the conference will also include times of prayer and worship and give participants the opportunity to network with other Catholics interested in the new evangelization.

B: Will participants leave equipped to put Discovering Christ into action at their parishes?

D: Yes. They’ll be trained to use our course materials and be able to go home with everything they need to start their own Discovering Christ series. All the course materials, including the DVDs, will be available for the first time at the conference.

B: I think one of the great parts of Discovering Christ is that it can involve the whole parish community. It’s something that can be incorporated in the parish life, not just tacked on.

D: Exactly. It mobilizes people. You need a dinner team, people to set up and take down, lead music and prayer, AV people, prayer. People to pray the divine mercy chaplet, the rosary, Eucharistic adoration for the course.

It’s not a stop-gap. It’s a process of evangelization. It’s important for people to think of the process of making disciples – they need to take a ‘what comes next’ kind of approach.

The course is very relational. The dinner, the small group time, brings a sense of relationships and security. That relationship process within a community is critical to encounter Christ and deep conversion in people’s lives.

B: Is there anything else?

D: Everyone reading, please come!  Invite others- priests, deacons, DREs, catechists, evangelization coordinators, laity interested in evangelization, & young adults. For more info, contact us at 410.531.7701 or visit  Thanks so much!

Meet the Summer Interns

Maria & Brittany share about experience at ChristLife

So why are you interning at ChristLife? How’s it going?

“In college, I discerned a call to religious education/youth ministry (a bit of a surprise, since I just graduated with majors in journalism and Russian!). ChristLife’s internship program seemed like a great way to get some experience in this area and grow in my faith and be challenged. So far it’s been going fantastic. Being involved in the new evangelization has to be one of the best jobs in the world.”


“I'm interning at ChristLife because I really want to go into a field involving English and communications.  ChristLife seemed like the perfect opportunity to get this experience, plus I get to work with something I love-my faith!  I can't think of anything better! And it's going great! I'm really happy with everything I've been able to do so far, and it's awesome seeing our work come together for the Lord!”


If you are interested in interning with ChristLife during the school semester or next summer, contact Pete at 410.531.7701 or

Donate your Car

All conditions accepted!

Well, I found out, the hard way, about how ChristLife accepts car donations.  My beloved Floyd “fought the good fight and finished the race” several weeks ago. Thankfully I know our Father cares and is already providing in abundance! Plus, as mentioned, ChristLife accepts car donations – running or not.  Car donations are 100% tax deductible.  Contact us if you would like to donate your car at 410.531.7701 or

Events Calendar

Pray for us!

Following Christ course for young adults
Thursday nights, 7:30-9:30pm, August 20
ChristLife’s office

Discovering Christ course
Sunday nights, 6:30-9:00pm, September 13
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ellicott City, MD

Mission of the Redeemer Seminar
Saturday, September 19
St. Philip Neri, Linthicum, MD

Mission of the Redeemer Seminar
Saturday, September 26
Lacona, NH

Discovering Christ Leaders Conference
November 5-6
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ellicott City, MD

For more info, visit

Office news

·      Ally and Pete are expecting their first baby daughter August 30th

·      Leo turned the big “seven-three” this July

·      Fr. Marc Drouin, who has run Discovering Christ in two parishes in New Hampshire, joined ChristLife’s Board of Directors in May 2009